Echoes of Betrayal now available on Amazon

You can finally purchase my book in both ebook (Kindle) and Paperback (hardcopy/Print) versions on Amazon HERE.

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Echoes of betrayal is a work of fiction in the drama genre. With an African setting, the novel tackles themes of betrayal, divorce, family, love, nature vs nurture, gender inequality, fertility, parenting, culture, religion, and many other issues faced by couples whose relationships have been plagued by betrayal.

Echoes is both an entertainment and inspirational novel. Despite being fictional, the exposition of the novel is neither driven by a complex plot with numerous twists and turns, nor does it promise a fantastical ending or experience. The book is written in a true-to-life form, with characters telling their stories from their points of view; what they saw, what their thoughts were in those moments, why they reacted the way they did, and why they made the decisions they made.

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They threw me to the wolves and left me for dead
I had only two options: eat or be eaten
I emerged a wolf and they retreated with dread
I drunk their poison and they sent me back to Eden

My hesitation is in no way a reflection of their ineptitude
Rather, it exposes my own frailties
For how can I return favor without rectitude
When I have never dined with deities

When falling is the price, gravity is the beacon
It is the fuel of  love’s implosion
A temptation to the connoisseur of reason
And I’ll be damned if I don’t surrender to this explosion

Review: Young, Famous & African – A Netflix Show

Drama, Love, Fame, More drama, Fashion, Lifestyle, Family, Friendship, Africanism, Class, Ego, More Drama

I posted this review on Facebook last week but somehow forgot to paste it here. But here goes nothing.

I had avoided giving a review of this Netflix show earlier to give people more time to watch around its time of premiere, but yoh, I got lots to say! 😂There are spoilers coming so if you still haven’t watched the show, run! This is gonna be looong so buckle up mates! 😆

Where do I start???

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Women Empowerment and Religion

Against my will this morning, I came across a post that was shared by a certain Man of God, and in that post, he was reposting something that had been shared by a Reverend I consider to be quite misogynistic, even though he insists otherwise. I’m a Liberal, so it’s normal for me to find some of the things that Conservatives champion to be quite distasteful. But to each their own, because you know…Liberal. Here’s a screenshot showing part of that post:

That is just part of the post. Feel free to view the rest of the post on his page where he tries desperately to justify his points. Perhaps I should mention that I agreed with some of the sentiments. I just didn’t seem to agree with the basis upon which the sentiments were based! For instance, I agree that the boy child tends to be left out in some of the discourse about female empowerment. And when the man is included in such discourse, it is mostly to play the role of a villain rather than an ally. I myself have villainized men in many of my posts and comments on social media. But, I can explain. 😂

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The ‘Coconut’ Debate Rages On

“I am not oppressed,” words rarely spoken by people of color (POC) but slowly gaining traction in the 21st century.

I came across a Tiktok video that stopped me dead in my scrolling tracks. I thought it was a timely and intelligent conversation to have. You can check out the video HERE.

I have no idea who this lady is and I made absolutely no attempts to find out, for a reason. However, I can safely say that she sounds intelligent, well-spoken, and according to her, very ‘privileged’! She immediately reminded me of the vile creature Candace Owens – an intelligent woman living in a soft bubble. I’m sure you can tell I’m not a fan of Candace, but I’m a bit on the fence with this particular lady in question because, unlike Candace, she recognizes the ‘oppression’ that POC face across the globe…and I just love how she qualified her assertions, verbatim;

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Why I Gave Up on the Idea of an African ‘Happily-Ever-After’ for Myself

A Few Disclaimers

That title should have probably read, ‘Why I gave up on the idea of a happily-ever-after African marriage for myself.’ Of course the key words there; Happy, African, Marriage, and For Me. That’s the difference between someone coming at me to ‘set me straight’ and me basically just sharing why I chose a certain lifestyle for myself.

The idea of me saying I don’t wish to ever get married to an ‘African man’ automatically rubs people off the wrong way, and I don’t blame them. I would feel some type of way too if I heard a black African man say something like that about African women. But, I can explain!

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