The Imperial Family – Download Free Chapters


One family. One empire. Two legacies.

They built thick walls around their empire to safeguard their legacy. They used the breath of their enemies and anyone they deemed insignificant to lay its foundation; their bodies as blocks to hold it up, their blood as cement to keep it steady, their fear to keep it standing through the storms, and their vanity to make it a national treasure. They called it the Imperial Legacy. But what if the enemy was gnawing at the walls from within, one brick at a time?

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Situmbeko had somehow managed to turn the crisis into an opportunity and painted the politician as a selfless and devoted man who volunteered himself to take lead in the undercover investigation of the flagged foreign investors. What the public thought was an obvious case of abuse of public office and corruption was actually him heading a sting operation orchestrated by the Anti Corruption Council to twat the illegal activities.

This was a plan Situmbeko had devised the moment the club launched the IFF scheme. After years of picking up dirt after the family and club, she had learnt to be more proactive than reactive. For every illegal activity they were involved in, she had a getaway plan for when things took a different turn. In time, she had come to learn that it was easier to set in place crisis management plans for the family businesses than it was for the family itself. Leah and Akande always managed to find new ways to shock her and make her life miserable.

Lister took her husband’s phone and checked for herself. “Stu managed to take care of this one, as usual,” she bitterly stated. “Father is really starting to look at her like she’s a saviour of some sort. I don’t like that Dave. Also, don’t you find it strange that suddenly, we are experiencing all these scandals, one after another and she’s always the one saving the day?” She threw her hands in the air for emphasis. “Can it really be a coincidence? I really wouldn’t put it past her to sacrifice the family just to prove a point.

Dave mulled over his wife’s remarks. Lister rarely spoke from without. If she said she felt something was off, then something was indeed off.

“I would expect something like that from Namakau,” Dave said. “Stu is the type that likes to fight from the front. She doesn’t pretend to like you, only to backstab you the next minute. She enjoys watching her enemies squirm. Namakau on the other hand is too secretive and calculative. She likes to borrow other people’s hands to do her dirty work while she maintains a cool and clean facade. Of the two, she’s the most dangerous because you won’t see her coming. Perhaps we should put a tail on both of them. “If they’re really behind this, that will be our chance to take them down for good. I don’t care much for Pumulo, still, we should watch him closely as well. It’s insulting to even entertain the thought that he thinks he had what it takes to compete against me. I’m going to be the next king of this empire whether they like it or not. Had that woman not killed my mother, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation right now.”

Lister quickly shushed her husband. “Calm yourself down,” she cautioned. “You know these walls have ears.”

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