Dear Brother….


Do you remember that time…you know…when I begged Iryana to give me a chance even though I knew her heart was filled with another?

I begged her over and over again to use me to get over him and when she refused to let me, I loved her even more. I thought, she must care about me, right? Otherwise she would just use me. She was never the bad guy in my eyes. She will never be. I chose to love her heart back to health for four straight years and do you know what she did when she healed? You know the story to well ağabey [brother].

You laugh at me always but I’m not sorry. Iryana taught me how to love. When she was finally ready to accept someone else in her heart, she fell in-love with a complete stranger. Not me. She stayed with him for three months before Kiraz warmed his way back into her heart. He couldn’t stand that another man had replaced him in her heart. I was never his rival. He always knew it, that’s why he watched me for four years, probably laughing at me. Today Iryana came to me. She said she missed me. Masha’Allah! Do you know how much I yearned to hear those words from her ağabey?  Of course you know.

She said Kiraz doesn’t love her…at least not in the way I loved her. I was happy to know she’s finally realized what I always used to tell her. Kiraz doesn’t deserve her love. She said with her own lips! Can you believe it? I loved only her for seven years straight – before Kiraz and after Kiraz. Now she’s finally ready to accept me but ağabey…I feel a little sad. But don’t call me a fool just yet. It’s like… a bad ending to a movie I really like except…its actually not so sad.

I meant it when I said Iryana taught me how to love. It’s just that she did it the opposite way. By not loving me despite all my efforts, she taught me I deserved better. She did to me exactly what Kiraz did to her. I didn’t know it back then until today when she finally told me she loves me. I guess I needed to hear those words to finally wake up, huh? Your baby brother has finally grown, huh, ağabey. Seven years. Can you believe it?

I must to go now. I can hear your sister in-law outside. Allah-Allah! I must rush before she parks my car into the wall again. I’m going to love this silly woman until she calls me a mad man tonight. I am a very happy man tonight ağabey. Wait, I’ll make you an uncle real soon!

Allah’a ısmarladık!


In Rogue’s Shadow – Part Two

Annabel grabbed at her skirts, walked out of the room and onto the terrace overlooking the grounds where party revelers were gathered. She rested both hands over the rail and directed her gaze towards the oval-shaped balloon decorated entrance where a young man she knew to be thirty-one years old was standing.

He had managed to command for himself the attention of everyone present, including the two white fluffy dogs whose breed she could not tell because of the ghastly fusha-coloured garments they had been to wear, obviously against their will.

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In Rogue’s Shadow – Part One

They called him Dexter. Just that. What else do you call a man known for his perfect splendor and insurmountable ambitious accolades except his given name? Dexter.

He never spoke of his father, and those who could did so in whispers. And for that they forgave him for having no last name. In fact, it was a gift born of the cruel circumstances surrounding his birth. Society owed it to him to expect no other name than the one he chose for himself. Dexter.

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