The ‘Coconut’ Debate Rages On

“I am not oppressed,” words rarely spoken by people of color (POC) but slowly gaining traction in the 21st century.

I came across a Tiktok video that stopped me dead in my scrolling tracks. I thought it was a timely and intelligent conversation to have. You can check out the video HERE.

I have no idea who this lady is and I made absolutely no attempts to find out, for a reason. However, I can safely say that she sounds intelligent, well-spoken, and according to her, very ‘privileged’! She immediately reminded me of Candace Owens – an intelligent woman living in a soft bubble. I’m sure you can tell I’m not a fan of Candace, but I’m a bit on the fence with this particular lady in question because, unlike Candace, she recognizes the ‘oppression’ that POC face across the globe…and I just love how she qualified her assertions, verbatim;

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